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An exciting new theatre in SE20.
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Upcoming Productions

THURSDAY 21st to SUNDAY 24th March 2019 - DREAM OF A KING.

4th April 1968. Four years after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his dynamic leadership of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King was assassinated on the balcony of  Lorraine Motel

Dream Of A King is a new play about one of the world's greatest Icons - the play is set on the night of his assassination and explores the extraordinary man behind one of the greatest leaders the World will ever know.

Despite all of his strengths and successes, King was racked with fears and weaknesses - with his career ultimately having a real cost on his personal life. His legacy - had and continues to have - a world changing impact. Dream of a King gives the audience a unique opportunity to witness King’s passion, inspiration, dedication, philosophy and vision.

This must-see production sees the role of King played by Christopher Tajah whose performance has been hailed as “mesmerising” and “powerful” and also  features a special appearance by Queen of Lover's Rock - Paulette Tajah, whose soaring vocals add extra emotional impact.

With the approach of Brexit and the rise again in racism it has fired - means this production not only entertains but shines a light on a man - who had to succeed at all costs, and whose words and fight seem as relevant today as they did half a Century ago.

Performance Schedule: Thursday to Saturday Evenings:7:30pm. Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 4pm.
Tickets:£10.00 to £12.00 and are limited.
Running time: 90 minutes.     Recommended Age 9+


SATURDAY 6TH APRIL - THE LONG DAY CLOSES - A night of Choral Music by Penge Chamber Choir

The Long Day Closes is the inaugural concert by Penge Chamber Choir’s formed and led by Jess Blake and features choral delights from the 16th to 20th centuries including sacred and secular pieces by Tallis, Victoria, Schütz, Parry and Elgar.

Tickets will be very limited and will go on sale to the public at 2pm on the 27th February.

Performance Schedule: Saturday Evenings: 7:30pm.  
Tickets:£10.00 and will be limited.
Running time: TBC


Join us for a performance of theatrical Victoriana in a macabre vein as the undisputed King of the detectives Sherlock Holmes brings to life the startling cases of The Sussex Vampire, The Creeping Man and The Devil's Foot!

Featuring Jonathan Goodwin as Sherlock Holmes who has received outstanding praise for his performance of the World's greatest Sleuth.

Performance Schedule: Saturday Evenings: 7:30pm.  
Tickets:£12.00 and are limited.
Running time: TBC


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